2022 Gallery of Holiday Lights

Come back December 15. SEE your neighbors Lights.
Then, vote 
for your FAV.

Come back on Dec.15. ALL contestants will be on display in the 2022 Gallery of Holiday Lights. FAV your FAVORITE by selecting the icon beneath the pic!  You might influence the JUDGES' vote.

Do you want to see the COMPETITION up close and live? Go to the Tour of Lights Google Map and see ALL the entries for the Holiday Lights for Hope Contest. Plot your course on our Google Map, then hit the road, see the lights, and make an evening of it with your friends and family.


On Monday, Dec. 20 we will announce winners and award prizes for the deserving decoration in the following categories. We will also share all results on social media.

  • Clark Griswold AWARD for Best Amateur Display

  • “Buddy the Elf” AWARD for Most Unique Display

  • Cheekwood “Wanna-Be” AWARD for Most Professional Display

  • Saturday Evening Post AWARD for Best Holiday Lights Overall

  • MVB - Most Votes Bestowed (by neighbors)


*Awards are subject to Santa’s review and approval..

YOUR lights can continue to shine, please click the button below to help support Nashville Rescue Mission and the homeless they serve.